Tractability in the Facility Management industry

In today’s world, it is all about tractability. Who did what, where and when. Too often we need to compromise with customers about what was done and what was not done. This is what the lack of tractability gives. It is their word against the customer’s and too often, we need to accept the customer’s view.  

This is why the PivotCentral solution from New-Avenue is so handy. It is easy to look up if something was done or not. No more guessing, no more having to compromise and agreeing to disagree on the facts of the situation. Simply find the location and search for time and date. You can immediately see if one of you crew members was there or not. 

We all expect a lot more traceability in our lives and this is now also true for facility management. 

If you are interested in this solution give us a call and we can help you set this up.