Stop Wasting Time in Facility Management!

As facility mangers we all have areas within the buildings we manage that have a very low foot traffic. The toilet in the basement, the closet size meeting room or the unoccupied office at the end of the hall.

Because we don’t know if someone has used any of these rooms, we always keep them on the cleaning schedule. Even if the room is not used we always ensure the maintenance crew visits this area as much as areas with a lot of usage.

Wouldn’t it be great if your building could tell you where and when there was high usage? Wouldn’t it be great if the building could tell you where cleaning is required? If the answer is yes to either question, then you are in luck as this technology exists.

New Avenue, the creators of PivotCentral which specialises in Smart Facility Management, has created AI (artificial intelligence) for facility management, called PivotCentral Eye. The system uses motion detectors to calculate the usage within a building. Then uses this motion data and schedules to decide when and where to send facility management staff. This is of course, in full control of the facility manager. Once you implement the PivotCentral Eye system, your building becomes smart enough to ensure that high traffic areas stay spotless.

Does this all sound a bit too futuristic? Don’t panic. It won’t be sending any killer robots your way. What it can do is save time and money by using your facility management staff more efficiently. You can stop the hours wasted on areas that hardly have any foot traffic.

If you are interested in this solution give us a call and we can help you set this up.