Smart Safety Tags

With Smart Safety Tags you can increase safety compliance dramatically by moving some of the safety checks to the people that are actually on site instead of relying solely on safety managers or site inspectors.

Safety Checklists for Assets

You do this by using Smart Safety Tags which you can stick, hang or mount to any location, asset or vehicle. Staff, site managers or safety inspectors can scan these smart safety tags with their mobile phone and perform safety checks there and then.

If for example you have scaffolding on your site, you can hang up a Smart Safety Tag. You can than ask contractors to scan these tags before using the scaffolding. Not only do you know who has last used it but you also know who last performed a safety check. If anything happens you have all the incident data you will ever need.

Vehicle Safety Checklists

You can add a Smart Safety Tag at a cold room. This way staff cleaning or entering the storeroom can scan this tag and perform a safety check. You can do the same for your vehicle safety checks. Simply stick a tag somewhere in the vehicle and person driving the vehicle can scan this tag and fill out the vehicle safety check.

These safety tags can have different safety checklists depending on the role of the person. This means a contractor can have a different checklist than the site manager or the site inspector. One safety smart tag can track all your safety needs from ad-hoc safety checks to weekly inspections to yearly audits.

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