How IoT Is Making Facility Management Smart

IoT or Internet of Things is the use of internet connected devices to manage your building. It allows you to turn a building from a passive bystander into a smart participator. Some parts of your building are already connecting to the internet and sending data in real-time. This data is used by smart facility managers to make critical decisions.

Still, a lot of your building and its assets are still very passive. This is where you can use RFID/NFC tags to connect anything to the internet and start collecting data. The combination of these smart tags with a mobile phone will give you the ability to:

·        Arrange maintenance and cleaning teams

·        Enforce SOP (standard of procedures)

·        Solve problems quickly at key areas

·        Record and report issues

·        Communicate with staff in real time

·        Supervise the activities of facility staff members

By connecting your building with your staff through smart technology, you open a whole new world of how buildings are managed. Even though it is still in its infancy we are already seeing that smart tags are becoming the standard in Smart Facility Management.

If you are interested in this solution give us a call and we can help you set this up.