Facility Managers, are your properly zoning your buildings?

After hiring the right staff, zoning is probably the next most important step in good facility management. Zones make it easier for everybody to understand where they have to be and what they have to do.

Simply defining zones by rooms is not sufficient. For example, a kitchen can have a walk-in fridge, wet area and even a dining area. Simply zoning this area as a kitchen is a bad SOP. Each zone also has to have a checkpoint. This is a clearly defined location where your staff can find all the information important for that zone. This checkpoint can be scanned with a digital device to get all relevant information.

You need to think of zones by their nature rather than by the layout of the building. Take our kitchen scenario. You don’t perform the same cleaning routines in a walk-in fridge as you would on a dining table. The cleaning staff should use different products, cloths and even techniques. Therefore you zone these separately. This is very important for inspections as well. If you can clearly show that schedules have a clearly defined method statement, you are more likely to get golden stars.

So, think about your own building and think about how you could re-zone your building by thinking purpose rather than layout. You will quickly find that you are probably missing a few crucial areas that are now undervalued. Define your zones, identify your checkpoints and update your schedules for a smart way to manage your facility. 

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