Be Safe at Work Smart Checkpoints

Social Distancing Safe at Work

It can be a bit daunting at the moment to return to work. Therefore as employers, facility managers or HR managers, we need to do everything to make our staff feel safe.

This is why we are extending our range by introducing the PivotCentral Safe at Work Checkpoint. This is a checkpoint tag which staff can scan or tap with their mobile to see the last time that a specific location was cleaned.

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Proof of Service using NFC

Facility Managers Proof of Service

In the post Covid world, there will be nothing more important than Proof of Service. We will all be under more scrutiny than ever to make sure that all health and safety policies are actually implemented. Ensuring the health and safety of staff, contractors and visitors on site will gain intensive attention from all interested parties. And having the right policy in place will no longer be enough.

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