Be Safe at Work Smart Checkpoints

It can be a bit daunting at the moment to return to work. Therefore as employers, facility managers or HR managers, we need to do everything to make our staff feel safe.

This is why we are extending our range by introducing the PivotCentral Safe at Work Checkpoint. This is a checkpoint tag which staff can scan or tap with their mobile to see the last time that a specific location was cleaned.

These tags can be used at any location you desire like sanitary facilities, meeting rooms, laboratory spaces or even at every desk where people work.

Anyone can scan or tap this tag and see immediately the last time this location was cleaned. You also have the option to add a small survey or even add the option to request that the location is cleaned.

Staff love the Safe at Work Checkpoints as it removes doubt about hygiene. Estate managers love it as they can adhere to the social distancing regulation that communal locations have to be cleaned after every use. CEO’s love it as they can show that they care about their staff’s safety.

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If you are interested in this solution give us a call and we can help you set this up.