5 Things You Need on Your Office Cleaning Checklist

Are you about to give a contract to a cleaning company to get your office cleaned? Wonderful! Then below are the 5 Things you need to add to your office cleaning checklist.

Begin by establishing zones such as reception/common area, offices, chill rooms, conference room, restrooms and canteen. Depending on your business you may have additional areas such as warehouse, factory floor or smoking area that may need their own set of cleaning procedures.Under each zone, list the cleaning schedule needed to be completed daily. Below are 5 checks you can add to your business cleaning schedule for office environments and 5 checks for wet room areas:

Office Environment:

  •  Dust pictures, table tops, bookshelves, filing cabinets, desks and all hard surfaces
  •  Empty bins and replace liners
  •  Vacuum, dust mop or wet mop floors
  •   Disinfect office desks and clean all mon
  •   Clean all keyboards and mice with …..


  •  Clean bath
  •  Clean sink
  •   Clean mirrors
  •   Clean the floor
  • Clean tiles

The cleaning schedules will vary slightly per zone and some areas may have a longer checklist than others but always clearly label the tasks that need to be performed.

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